There has been a significant disruption to services throughout the health sector over the past few months. Fortunately, the shutdown of services and social distancing guidelines have brought the Coronavirus pandemic under control. You may have questions about what services are now active.

For private and compensable (workcover/CTP) patients:

All elective orthopaedic surgery in the private hospital system is going ahead, although at slightly reduced numbers. If you have previously had surgery postponed, please contact your surgeon for an update if you have not already been contacted.

For public patients already on a waiting list for surgery:

Limited elective surgery is restarting. Because a number of operating theatres remain quarantined for possible COVID-19 patients, a full return to elective operating will be postponed until these can be reopened. Please continue to be patient during this time. If you have questions about your place on the waiting list please contact your relevant hospital for further updates.

For all trauma patients:

Trauma surgery is continuing without disruption. If you have sustained a recent fracture please ask for an urgent appointment.

We continue to see all patients and can book your surgery at the appropriate hospital. We continue to follow all social distancing guidelines in our practice. If you have any further questions, please contact our office.


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